About my status

About my status

Your status is a reflection of the quality of your reports, your reliability in delivering them and how many visits you have done for us. There are 4 status levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The higher your status, the earlier you will get access to new visits. This is important because our popular visits will be booked as soon as we release them. We also sometimes approach our Platinum and Gold guests for special assignments.

Your status is based on a series of measures from your most recent 10 visits and as a result your status can go up and down. Our system looks at several factors that influence quality and feeds the results into an automatic algorithm that gives your report a quality score. This may also be affected by unreliability- for example, if you submit your report late.

Your status can be improved by making sure reports contain all of the information we require, spelling and grammar is correct and it has been submitted on time.

A drop in status may be due to a reduction in the quality of your reports. Your 'Things to Consider' should provide you with some tips for improvement.
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