Completing your report

Completing your report


  • Ensure the whole report is written in the past tense.
  • Keep your report factual and objective. For example, instead of guessing that a dish was “microwaved”, include what made you think that – did you see/hear a microwave? Was it hot on the outside but frozen in the middle?
  • Do not use the exact wording of the question to form part of your answer. For example, if the question asks, “Was the entrance clean and tidy?” Instead of repeating “The entrance was clean and tidy” you could say, “The entrance was free of litter, the tables were clear and ready to use, and the windows appeared clean.”
  • Do not compare to previous visits, other restaurants, or talk about other diners. The report is about you and your experience on the day only!
  • Do not write your answers in list format. Instead, please use full sentences, starting with a capital and ending in a full stop.


  • Check the correct receipt and all required photos are uploaded and proofread your report!

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