Feedback on my reports

Feedback on my reports

Any feedback on your reports will be emailed to your registered email address after each visit has been processed. It will also be listed on your 'Visit History' page.

Things to Consider (or TTCs) are parts of the report that needed amending or extra detail added and feedback for you to take on board for future visits.

Some TTCs do have an impact to your status, but others will not. The impact on your status will vary dependent on severity of how this could affect the visit report for the client. For example, not following the brief correctly will impact your status more than missing required detail.

  1. Grammar/Spelling
  2. Missing detail that was added – we will have contacted you regarding any extra detail that was required in the report. It is important to read the briefing notes for each question as this will guide you in providing the detail required.
  3. Not justifying a negative score – for every question that has not scored ‘Yes’ or top marks, you need to justify the reason for this. We will have contacted you to provide this detail and added this to your report.
  4. Changes to scoring – where you have incorrectly scored a question vs the comments you have provided e.g. you have scored ‘No’ but have commented positively or that the question requirements were met.
  5. Missing photos/receipts – we will have contacted you regarding any photos or receipts that appear to be missing from your report. All photo and receipt requirements will be noted in the visit brief.
  6. Not meeting visit requirements – we will have contacted you regarding any elements of the visit that were not completed. Often, we will need to check with the account manager as to whether we were still able to accept your report. All visit requirements will be noted in the visit brief.
  7. Breaching our T&C’s

TTCs do not impact your status where they are feedback/tips for completing reports in the future, such as:
  1. How to sensitively describe a member of staff – for example we cannot refer to ethnicity or nationality and it is better to give an approx. age or height instead of using boy/girl or short/tall.
  2. Not starting your sentences with Yes/No – this is often indicated by the answer option and is not needed.
  3. Not referring to previous comments e.g. 'as mentioned above' or 'as previously stated' – each comment needs to be individual to the question asked.
  4. Scoring down for issues outside of staff control – although good feedback for the client, there is often nothing the staff could do to improve the highlighted issue during your visit.

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