Knowing what you need to do

Knowing what you need to do

You need to confirm that you have read two things; the brief and the questionnaire. The brief is specific to the visit and includes details of what you need to do for your report to be accepted. By previewing the questionnaire, you will be able to see the questions you'll need to answer after your visit - you should be familiar with it and you may want to take it with you (as long as it's hidden!). A small number of visits also have a separate PDF document that you need to review.

Send an email to our support team. We're always happy to talk through any queries with you. It is much better to ask questions before your visit to ensure you complete the report correctly. It may also help us to make the brief clearer for others. Note that misunderstandings can invalidate your report.

Check the brief, as certain visits have restrictions on arrival times. However, please arrive at the venue at least one hour prior to closing time (unless the criteria specifies otherwise). And ensure that all members of your party enter the venue at the same time.
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