The HGEM Forum

The HGEM Forum

The HGEM Forum is a place for diners to discuss their mystery visits and provide helpful, relevant content to one another. To help everyone enjoy our community, we ask that you keep the following guidelines in mind when posting:

  • Treat all forum users with courtesy, kindness, and respect.
  • Offensive language, personal attacks, name-calling, and trolling will not be permitted.
  • Ensure that your posts are relevant to the forum's purpose and respective discussion threads.
  • Be cautious when sharing personal, sensitive, or confidential information about yourself or others on the forum.
  • Avoid naming or linking to other Mystery Shopping companies.

We maintain the rights to remove posts and threads that do not adhere to our guidelines. If you come across any posts that violate these guidelines or are offensive, please use the report function to alert HGEM staff.

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