What food and drink can I order?

What food and drink can I order?

Unless the criteria for a visit specifies otherwise, please order food and drink to reflect a normal experience. In the case of a restaurant meal, this should as a minimum be at least one main course and drink per person. Please try to make sure these are different dishes. If you are required to order a drink, tap water does not count.

For some visits, this is required so please check the brief. If there is no information in the brief about set/specials menus then please contact the office. We would normally say it’s OK if it doesn't affect your visit. i.e. it doesn't stop staff being able to carry out normal service such as offering sides or desserts.

If the item you are asked to order not available then please order something else instead. Complete the visit as normal and detail what happened in your report.

Alcohol limits are listed at the bottom of each visit brief so please ensure you check them before your visit. In order to ensure that your observations are not clouded by alcohol, it is important you follow the rules on the amount you can consume.
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