When a venue is full or not serving food

When a venue is full or not serving food

If your visit is during office opening hours and you can contact us without drawing attention to yourself, then please do so and we can advise you of what to do.


Most often when arriving at a venue that is full, you will be offered a place at the bar for a drink whilst you wait. If this is offered, we would expect you to accept this offer. Please bear in mind that venues will be busier during peak times so a wait for a table if you are unable to book is more likely.


Try to find out why food is not being served. It is most likely that your visit will need to be rearranged.

If you are unable to complete your visit because there is no food service, you may go somewhere else to eat - keep hold of your receipts. We will reimburse up to £20 or the stated reimbursement, whichever is lower.

Please note we can only accept receipts that are dated for the same day as you attempted the visit.

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