Writing about team members

Writing about team members

Yes, this can be useful in identifying who served you. However, only use someone's name if you have been told it, they are wearing a name badge or you overhear someone calling them by name. Don't take the name from a receipt unless asked to do so.

Please be sensitive when describing staff. Usually, height, gender and hairstyle are appropriate measures. Don't refer to their ethnic origin or build and only give estimations of age and height, e.g. "18-22" and "around 5'10", rather than saying 'young' or 'middle-aged' etc. Please don't refer to a team member as a 'girl' or 'boy' as this can sound belittling. Similarly, if you are served by a restaurant manager, do not call them a waiter/waitress at any stage in your report. If a member of staff has an accent, please state this, rather than trying to identify a particular accent.

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